Actual ODBC Drivers

The easy Mac OS data solution for Excel and FileMaker Pro. Now compatible with Sonoma!

Actual Technologies ODBC drivers let Mac OS users connect to enterprise databases using common desktop applications such as Microsoft Excel and FileMaker Pro. All drivers feature native installers, setup assistants, and on-line help to get you connected to your database as quickly as possible. Now compatible with Mac OS Sonoma.

   Actual ODBC Driver for SQL Server & Sybase

Use this driver to connect to your company's Microsoft SQL Server or Sybase databases. This driver installs completely on your Mac - nothing is installed on the server itself. Both methods of SQL Server authentication are supported: SQL Server native accounts and trusted domain accounts. There is no special configuration of the database required for you to connect - all you need is a user ID and password.  

   Actual ODBC Driver for Oracle

Our ODBC driver for Oracle will let you use Excel and FileMaker Pro to import data from your enterprise Oracle database. Everything you need to get connected is included with the installer - there's no need to download additional client software from Oracle. Works great with Oracle 10g Release 2 or later.  

   Actual ODBC Driver for Open Source Databases

Now you can use Excel and FileMaker Pro to easily connect to your MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite database. This driver includes a setup assistant that helps you get connected with the reliability and ease of use you've come to expect as a Macintosh user. The setup assistant includes connection diagnostics and on-line help. You'll be creating FileMaker reports with your MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite data in no time!  

   Actual ODBC Driver for Microsoft Access

With the ODBC driver for Access, you can connect to Microsoft Access databases and import data directly into an Excel spreadsheet or a FileMaker database. There is no need for an intermediary Windows PC - this driver reads data from the database file itself. The driver supports Access 97 or later, including Access 2003.  

   Actual ESS Adapter

The Actual ESS Adapter lets you use Postgres and DB2 databases with the "External SQL Sources" (ESS) feature of FileMaker 17. The adapter is available on Mac OS and Windows. On Mac OS, it works in conjunction with the Actual Open Source Databases driver to connect to Postgres. On Windows, it integrates with native ODBC drivers for Postgres and IBM DB2. 


Try It Today

Download and evaluate our drivers today. You will be able to install the driver, set up a connection, and retrieve data* from your database using Excel or FileMaker. You will also have access to our on-line help and technical support.


* Downloaded driver has all features turned on, except that it will only return 3 rows from any query until the driver is registered. Once you are ready to register your driver, just go to our secure on-line store. We will send you a license key that will allow an unlimited number of rows to be returned from any query.